Sunday, December 09, 2012

Journal Update

 This is just a little update on my Art Journaling adventure.  I realized the reason I am having so much fun with this the past couple of weeks is because it is just messy creative play.  Making beads right now (kit beads mean allot of the same beads over and over) is frankly a little boring.  Yet they must be made.  I have always loved playing with paint and mixed media and the last few years have not made time for it.  I am just having a grand time and I have even been doodling boldly with a permanent marker, no pencil!  All that's left on the pages above it to journal in my list of goals for the next year.
 This is going to be an ongoing set of pages.  The little round bubbles have the books I have read and the date in them and so I will be adding more.  I actually finished 5 books last month, which is not really a lot, I just haven't been making time for reading either.  Now if  I could just stay off the computer I would get so much more done.
 I got the cover to my junk inspiration journal finished.......
........and I used the credit card scraping method of moving paint around that I saw on many YouTube video's to start the backgrounds on a few pages.

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