Friday, July 20, 2012

Our trip west.

 Brookings was hot hot hot so I spent most of the first two days of this week trying to recover and to get packed for this trip.  We headed out Wednesday in close to 100 degree temps and of course for the first 5 hours there is nothing to look at.
 Jeff had to of course stop in Wall and get a new Sturgis t-shirt but other than that South Dakota was a blur of heat coming off the pavement.
 Montana got a little better but not much I am really not into the high dry mountains.  And with it being so hot everything pretty much looks dead.
 Then yesterday we started to see some green fields and some trees on the hills.  We made it to Spokane WA and decided to wait until today to go further.  We wanted to drive a highway that runs up close to the Canadian boarder.
 Now these are mountains.  It was beautiful and it cooled way down. 
 We stopped several times to take pictures and to just enjoy looking at the mountains.
 Of course I had to show you the snow.
 And more snow on July 20th.
 My truck loves to go new places can you tell?
 Almost forgot we saw some amazing waterfalls...........
.................and lakes.

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