Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We have been gone.

Hi! We have been in Pensacola Florida. I took my computer and planned to blog while we were there but every night I was so tired I just did not get it done so I guess this week you will get to see what we did. My sister and her little boy were there for the first few days we were there and we did some fun stuff. We went to the Navel Air Museum and Griffin got to fly in one of the cockpits that they have for the kids to climb in and play. There is so much concentration going on here you would think he must really be flying.
One day we went to the beach and this child got into that cold cold water. I swear he was blue but had the best of times. He was constantly doing things that made you think he was 16 not 6. This was the muscle man pose.
I just really liked this shot you can not even see their faces but it was like we were alone on the beach and the water held our total attention.
This bird was right down town on the pier where the big ships come in there is a park there and we went to sight see the day we went to the beach.
Jeff was preparing for what was to come in the next few days. Of course he can sleep any where and one afternoon slept in this same chair through a visit from the next door neighbor and we were not quiet.
We had to take some family photos before Stephanie and Griffin flew home. It was a busy three days but the work is yet to come.

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