Sunday, January 17, 2010

Yeah! I have some finished kits!

I have not gotten very much done today for some reason I have been piddling all day and just playing around with my kits. I pulled all the seed beads to match the lampwork and got all the little parts and pieces ready to go. This is a tray of all those parts and pieces ready to be put in their packages with the instructions.
This is a finished kit. I really like the cute little purse boxes I found to put them into. Makes them all neat and tidy and ready to sell. I ended up with 10 finished kits today and I want to get a few more color combos ready before my first show.
I really liked how well you can see the colors in each kit right through the front of the box.


Betsy said...

Tanya! Those are awesome!!!! Are you going to be at the Bead Bazaar?

TanyaMcGuire said...

Thank you very much. I sure plan on being there.

John said...

Tanya, Jonelle is interested in this kit. Is this kit still available? What is your opinion on how well it will go with black? d.