Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Our Holiday!

Well my son did not get to come home for Thanksgiving day but he made it home for the weekend so we had our big dinner Saturday evening after the guys spent the day in the barn working. Then Sunday they took the Jeep out to see if they could find some places to 4 wheel which I guess crossing a stream counted. They for the most part just found rutted farm roads so they did not even get it out of 2 wheel drive most of the time. Yesterday the cat found Brandon was a nice warm bed so slept on him a good part of the afternoon. And today of course the kid had to leave to go home to Omaha. He has been off work too long and needed to get back so he did not miss another day. I am really going to miss him again.

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Mary said...

Are you going to be in Omaha this weekend?