Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cube Bracelet

This is a new bracelet that I just finished up using Carole Rodgers cubes pattern. She uses a button closure and I always want one of my beads in it. I like the layers that you make though it gives it some texture.

We are having such a great day here, it is above 40 degrees and it feels like summer time after the last month and a half of sub zero temps. The sun is out and water is running everywhere. My hubby is out trying to bust up the 5 inch ice patch that happens right outside the garage door. Nothing seems to keep it from building up right there so every so often you have to just go out there with something to chip it away. I worked on it for about half an hour before my arms said NO MORE! Jeff will probably hurt like heck tonight as he has been at it for about an hour now. I am off to make more jewelry.

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