Friday, June 22, 2007

Well once again it has been ages since I last posted. Seems I have been in kind of funk all this week and it has been really hard to be creative. I have made mostly spacers and disks for my bead boxes which I needed to do but they don't really make for eye candy. And my son and I have been working on some of the chores that go along with the fun job of making beads. So I decided to show some of that but first.

A bracelet that I finished up last weekend while working my show in Watertown.
These are the bags we have been working on. We have over 200 finished and another 100 over half done. Brandon has been doing the sewing while I did the cutting out and other little chores. Yesterday I noticed he had the machine running just as fast as it would go. Guess he is getting used to my little sweat shop.
And these are the beginnings of earring cards. They take a little while because the silver paint around the edges has to dry before you can go on.


Stephanie Haussler said...

What do you use for your earring cards and what do you do to finish them after the silver paint dries? I really liked your handmade bag that I got with my beads in Kearney. Where did you get the idea? I am trying to flesh out that part of my jewelry biz as I have 2 shows in Sept and one in Nov.
Thanks for the help, and love the bracelet!

TanyaMcGuire said...

Hi Stephanie, The cards are cardboard like you would get from a ceral box. Then I put two layers of cardstock on them to cover the center. The bag has evoloved over time. I made some fancy bags with anouther design then Jodie made some with the tie like my new ones then I made the new ones that I could make a little faster. It all takes time and is mostly trial and error. Just do it a bit at a time and it will grow.