Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I have to tell you all about our dinner conversation tonight. My son has a friend over working on a science project and they were at the table during dinner making rather silly conversation which is just about normal around here. There was some discussion about what we were drinking ( I usually have tea with dinner) and Brandon says something about my needing to drink more beer. Now wait there is a reason.

He says that all really famous artists were either drunks or drug addicts.

Okay so we discuss that I can not drink more beer because playing with fire while drunk could be hazardous. Jeff (hubby) also starts to try to come up with famous artists who did not have problems. He comes up with Norman Rockwell and Brandon goes to the computer to check, only to find out that Rockwell battled depression his entire life and his first two wives committed suicide. So we again go back to the idea that it could be dangerous to torch while drinking and Toby (the friend) says that of course that many of the really famous artists worked in less dangerous mediums. Brandon however notes that painting huge paintings require scaffolds and one too many could cause a fall. So here we are back to the fact that famous artists drink or do drugs so I guess I am going to have to start drinking way more than I have been.

Think I should make a New Year's resolution to drink more?
What a way to get famous though.


Betsy said...

That is hilarious! When I drink too much, I generally fall asleep!

Jewels said...

LoL! I'm one of those artists who could get addicted to sleeping aids... I have had a serious bout of insomnia lately... Maybe a beer would help? LoL!